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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  April 3, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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first arrived. they were in the area. they heard the shots. they were so close to this action. now we're told that there were two men who left possibly a van started heading east on styles street. that's when they opened fire on four men. we're told two of those were pronounced early on in this investigation. the two others were taken to the hospital where they are in critical condition. right now we spoke to some neighbors in this area who were alarmed, some of them were in the shower. they heard shots ring out. we just spoke to a neighbor that said she was bringing her kids home from school and she is alarmed by this. >> i think this is ridiculous. it's school time and kids are trying to get home from school and i think it is unsafe, really, for kids to be running around and then open fire come about and people are laid there dead and the kids have to walk past a dead body. it's crazy. >> reporter: we're told the
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victims age in range from 25 up to 30 years old. again, there are two dead and two others in critical condition at the hospital. motive, unclear at this point, but again they're looking for two men who ran away from this scene. we're live in north philadelphia, i'm drew smith. >> right now at 6:00, supreme court showdown. he's the man that could be making some of the nation's historic judicial decisions if he's confirmed. today in washington, the judiciary committee voted in favor of president trump's nominee for supreme court, neil gorsuch. but late this afternoon one of our senators put a snag in that ran. >> gorsuch is president trump's plan to replace scalia who died last year. the decision now will have a big impact on the high court, the senate and future elections. lauren mayk is joining us about what happened today. >> reporter: the question has been whether democrats would come out in favor of judge gorsuch or whether they would do a filibuster to hold up the
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process. well, today delaware senator was the tipping point. delaware democrats are going to filibuster on the gorsuch nomination, but what happens next could effect who president's nominate in the future. judge gorsuch -- in washington the big question surrounding the supreme court nominee is not whether he can get confirmed it's how. republicans technically have the votes to approve him. just not the votes to stop a delay from democrats, like delaware's chris coons. >> this hopefully will move the republican majority to say they don't want to change the rules and they want to sit and talk with us about what's going to happen going forward. >> reporter: republicans and democrats are in a political standoff over what's called a filibuster and the rule for how to stop it and get on with the vote. 60 votes are required now. republicans could change that to just need 51. so what's the big deal? president's may not make extreme picks if they know they need bipartisan support but if they
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don't. >> that means that in a president's picking future nominees, they won't have to worry about getting 60 votes. they might only need 50 and that ends up making a huge difference in terms of your ability to move to the right or the left. >> for now, senators are deciding on one man, getting lobbied by constituents on both sides and grassroots efforts like the one eve alan is working on for concerned veterans of america. >> i think gorsuch is a terrific nominee. >> reporter: but the bigger debate isn't just about neil gorsuch but the ones that could come later. so in a little bit technical. think about trying to convince any large group of people even your household of something. the more people you need to convince, the more compromises you're going to make. the fewer people you need to convince, you may take more of a harder line. >> if they make this move that's why they call it the nuclear option. >> that is how serious it is and once you do it, well, what are the chances you're going to
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change it back? >> lauren mayk keeping an eye on washington. thanks so much. >> heavy rain, huge hail, flashes of lightning and even deadly tornadoes, the same system that is moving through the south it's headed here and you can already see it coming this way on the first alert radar. >> this should get here overnight when most of us are sleeping, but big claps of thunder could wake you up during the night. chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz has more on the timing and the impact this storm will have on your neighborhood. >> the timing is in our favor because we don't have to deal with the afternoon rush. the cameras shaking because the wind is increasing ahead of that storm system. we have a few blips on radar north and west of reading but the main area still way back to the west. tremendous thunderstorms down near virginia. the worse of that system looks like it's going to track to our south and also because it's in the middle of the night it'll be less potent than it is right now. by 10:00 we're starting to see a little bit of the rain moving in but by midnight we're really
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getting slammed and some folks are going to be woken up by this because it's going to be showers and thunderstorms with some very heavy rain, maybe another batch here at 2:00 in the morning. pretty active between midnight and 4:00 a.m. things are already quieting down by 6:00 a.m. that's just the first round of storms this week. i'll tell you about the rest coming up. right now a teenage girl is still in the hospital and her attackers still on the run. >> philadelphia police are calling this a heinous crime. >> the girl pulled in an abandon home by three teen boys and and then tacked. cydney long is live outside the special victims unit in hunting park. >> reporter: police have been busy through the day today tracking down leads. it's now about 24 hours since this crime and still no arrests. though we understand detectives are working with the nicknames of at least two of the suspects.
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coaxed and dragged by three teenage boys into this abandoned home. police say a 13-year-old girl has provided some information from her hospital bed to help police track down who sexually assaulted her. >> i'd tell you what, our children are not safe in this neighborhood at all. >> reporter: it was before dark sunday afternoon and a mer half block from broad street. michelle woods said teenage boys smoke and loiter at or near this home all the time. >> there's a lot of young boys on this porch. >> reporter: with the front door not fastened today and windows still accessible, we asked the city's licenses and inspections who's responsible to keep the property off limits. l and i. told me it's the building owners to maintain the property. >> they need to brick it up. so nobody can get in because you can pull those boards off there, them boards don't mean nothing. >> reporter: as a mother woods
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has a message she wants the teen suspects to hear. >> you need to get some help because there's something wrong with you when you think you can violate somebody's body. >> reporter: this as detectives are working with nicknames to arrest those involved. >> we need the public's health. this is a very nasty and ugly crime. so anybody with information is asked to call special victims thit. >> for the mother, you need to watch your children. you need to know where your children are. >> reporter: and while we're staying in touch with police here. the city's l and i department it will issue a violation to that property owner who could potentially face a lien or a fine. we're trying to determine if such citations were issued to that particular property. we're live in hunting park, i'm cydney long, nbc10 news. >> new at k6. we're now getting our first look at footage from body cameras septa officers are wearing. the number of injuries and complaints is down since this
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program began six months ago. >> also three transit police officers were formally disciplined as a result of body camera footage. septa is ramping up security. the transit agency says there are now more officers on the train during peek hours. they help the extra patrols cut down on the number of violent crimes happening during those hours. >> bill cosby was back in court today for hearing in his sexually assault case. his lawyers are fighting to keep his 1991 book out of the courtroom. in it cosby writes about spanish fly and makes a reference to an unsuccessful attempt to slip it in girls' drinks. cosby is accused of drugging and sexually assaulting a woman in 2004. a judge expects the trial to last just two weeks. in wilmington, the trial is now underway for three high school girls accused in an attack that left one of their classmates dead and moments ago, nbc10 heard from a spokesperson from the family of the young
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victim. >> to the joyner frances family at the end of the day they have to go to a grave yard to visit their baby, whereas the other three will be able to go home at some point. >> prosecutors say the girls attacked amy joyner frances in a bathroom at howard high school last april. frances later died of cardiac arrest. defense lawyers argue the victim had a heart condition and the accused attackers had no way of knowing the fight could lead to her death. in decision 2017 all the democrats and republicans who want to run for governor of new jersey had to register by 4:00 p.m. today. and here's a look at some who filed that paper work. on the democratic side former ambassador phil murphy is leading in the polls. he's running against jim jonsston. on the republican side, lieutenant governor guidano is leading in the polls. tonight a pharmaceutical
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company will pay nearly $20 million after an overcharged the v.a. for drug prices. it incorrectly charged vets today's weather between 2002 and 2011. it will pay 19 approximate$19.8 it was the day of firsters for the philadelphia fire department. >> captain linda long became the city's first female chief and captain crystal yates became the city's first african-american paramedic chief. they were among two dozen and firefighters to receive promotions today. we continue to follow this breaking news in north philadelphia. four people have been shot, two of them are dead. nbc10's mitch blacher will give us an update after the break. >> cashing in the tax credit thousands of people living in philadelphia are getting this year. we'll tell you if you qualify.
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>> announcer: this is nbc10 news. have you noticed the weather pattern we've been seeing
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lately? on and off rain kind of comes with the arrival of spring. check out the first alert radar on the left. that rain is coming our way overnight. glenn "hurricane" schwartz is tracking that rain coming up in a couple of minutes. >> i'm mitch blacher over north philadelphia where police are now in their third hour investigating a quadruple shooting. two men have been killed, one remains in stable condition, another in critical condition. so far no arrests have been made and police are still looking for the weapon. we have crews on the ground gathering more information. we'll bring you the latest as it becomes available. for now we're live in skyforce10, i'm mitch blacher. >> congratulations to dawn stalely, the first of what could be many -- >> oh, we hope so. dawn stalely born and raised in philadelphia. finally gets her ncaa championship as the head coach
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of the university of south carolina. just a couple hours ago stayly and her team landed back in south carolina. you can see that net hanging proudly from her neck. while the philadelphia native never got that national title as the player, well she now has it as coach. >> the people that know her well, say that grit and determination she learned on the courts of north philly. >> erin coleman went back to her neighborhood and her high school where her journey to fame began. >> in the halls of the high school in north philly she is everywhere. dawn stayly, that name, that face and her many, many awards. >> when i visit the game she was a freshman but you knew right then and there that she had a lot of potential. >> reporter: she was a senior here when she was a freshman and now she can add coach of the ncaa women's basketball champs to her resume. >> i'm a surk for story book endings. >> reporter: she's never
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forgotten her roots. not now, not then in her 2013 hall of fame induction speech. >> when i thought about how far i've come. >> reporter: to playing at uva to the olympics to the wnba. >> reporter: she played right here on this court making a name for herself, not only on the hardwood. >> dawn was always a scholar and an athlete, a scholar first. she's always been humble. she always gives back to our school. to the community. >> reporter: and she continues to be a role podle for students. >> this is one thing that they can say this is real. she walked these same hallways that i walk and if she can make it, i can make it too. >> reporter: from north philly to the top of her gachl, erin coleman nbc10 news. >> well, on a more mundane note we are two weeks away from the
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tax filing deadline and new data is showing that more philadelphiaions are taking advantage of the federal earned income tax credit. according to the irs, 8,700 more people received the credit in 2015. that means an extra $22 million in returns to qualify. you can't exceed income limits. you must be between 25 and 65 years old and you must be a u.s. citizen. happy filing. >> announcer: now your nbc10 first alert weather. >> to this now, what a beautiful spring day out there today. did you get out there and enjoy part of it? >> i didn't get out to enjoy it and i think i'm going to regret that come tomorrow. in delaware a little overcast if he blue rock stadium right now. >> in new jersey, not quite a beach day yet. live look from cape may from our camera. that is cape may right there and right now chief meteorologist
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glenn "hurricane" schwartz is tracking some storms moving in. >> most of it's going to be falling while you're asleep and you can see how conditions have really changed. we started off the day with sunshine now it's cloudy everywhere. temperatures very uniform, at least according to these numbers but as we get closer in here with our neighborhood weather we'll see something different. it's 59 in newark and glasgow. 60 degrees in tallyville and reading, 60 in georgetown, but what do we have over here? it's 49 degrees at dewy beach and rehoboth beach. that's one of the things that neighborhood weather can do for us any time of the year. the headlines, we've got heavy rain coming tonight but it's mainly between midnight and 4:00 a.m. while just about everybody's sleeping. of course that could create some issues for the morning rush from
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any flooding that is localized during the night. warmer weather tomorrow. it's going to be really warm tomorrow afternoon, well in the 70s, maybe 70 on wednesday as well and strong thunderstorms coming on thursday. not much in pennsylvania, but there's a whole lot in virginia. now the worst of that maybe going to our south. this is the overall main system and that's going to take all week to get here. so we've got some multiple threats. as we go through the night tonight, look at that. right after midnight we're getting pounded but it's also mild. temperatures in the 50s. by three, four in the morning we're already starting to taper off. by 7:00 a.m., nothing more than a couple of showers and then during the day if we get enough sunshine, we get well into the 70s, past the mid-70s in some areas. then we dry out and then we get some dryer weather for a while until thursday.
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so how much rain this particular computer motdles giving us about a half inch to three quarters of an inch. then thursday, we got another piece of that storm with the onshore wind bringing in lots of rain. that's thursday afternoon and could be some really strong thunderstorms for that. now not exactly great news here. on the baseball front because on friday we have temperatures in the upper 40s plus wind. we got a wind chill plus the rain threat. it'll be much nicer saturday and sunday. we'll be right back. careful joe, they've got you outnumbered.
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>> announcer: this is sports desk brought to you by xfinity. i'm john clark. it's like an american holiday. opening days in the phillies in rainy cincinnati. they couldn't have drawn up a better way to start their season. a home run to lead off the season. first time that's happened for the phillies in almost 80 years. it's 1-0. michael saunders, first impressions are everything. he brings home ankle franco with a double, 2-0 philly. more power. freddy gal vis, gone. the phillies lead the reds 4-1 in the 7th and the home opener is friday at 3:00. nbc10 will help welcome home the phillies with our pregame show starting at 2:00. a sixer has won every mva so far
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this season. he wins the reward for march and february. joel embiid won it for the first three months. the sixers are sweeping the awards so one of them has to be the rookie of the year. flyers they were eliminated from playoff contention last night. this is the third time in the last five years they have missed the playoffs. they're the first nhl team ever to have a ten game winning streak in a season and miss the playoffs. >> we played good hockey. it's just frustrating because we feel like we have a good team in this locker. >> another former eagles is suffering from brain issues, charlie garner says he has system of cte. he doesn't have all of his fac united states a -- faculties any more. i'm john clark. we'll be right back.
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at least for portion of the day. >> tonight is really bad for suede boots later tonight. okay. >> you've heard of these april showers. we're going to get some of them tonight especially between midnight and 4:00 a.m. look how warm it is tomorrow and look how chilly it is on friday for the phillies home opener, plus wind and rain. generally on the lighter side. look at next week. sunshine -- up to 80s on tuesday and i have it pretty dry most of next week too. so we've got a stormy week here. we could get some strong storms on thursday, maybe a threat of some flooding and that nasty weather for friday. but after that, we've got a change in the weather pattern. it's been kind of stormy but that change in the pattern might be something you like. >> a tough morning commute. >> there may be some leftover flooding from the rain that's occurred in the middle of the night. >> and you'll keep an eye on it
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for tonight. thanks for watching here at 6:00. i'm jim rosenfield. >> and i'm jacqueline london. we'll see you back here at 11:00 tonight. "nbc nightly news" with lester holt is up next. . tonight, ready to strike? from here in south korea the night mare scenario telling us a desperate dictator is prepared to use nuclear weapons to hit the u.s. tonight inside the nerve center tracking the threat. subway bombing, explosions ripping the metro. 11 dead dens injured and visiting nearby. supreme showdown, democrats and republicans on a collision course that could change the u.s. senate forever. deadly outbreak, at least five killed as deadly storms carve a deadly path across the south and tonight millions remain at risk and flying clear, late word about harrison ford after the airport landing scare. "nightly news" begins


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